A heartwarming memoir

by W. Eugene Sweeney

Cover Photo and design by Pamela Frost

W. Eugene Sweeney shares his short stories, many of which were published in the local newspaper. Read about his time in the United States Marine Corps during the Korean War. Gene also shares stories about his career as a Coca-Cola executive and a Volunteer Fireman in Egypt, New York as well as many other slice of life stories.


by D. O. Phillips Jr.

a poetry collection


by Pi Taylor Gentile

a poetry collection

cover created using Pi's original watercolor



Pamela Frost


Little Book of Real Estate for Sellers and Buyers

A common sense guide by the world of real estate by Linda Stalvey.

This little book is a handy guide for anyone buying or selling a home. Written in easy to understand language by a real estate professional. It also includes inspirational quotes to help deal with the stress. Perfect for agents to give to their clients.


a fantasy novel for young readers

by Linda Stalvey

custom cover by BarbarAnn Firzgerald

DRAGON DREAMS is a story about friendship, regardless of species, and the magic in a promise. 

In Cincinnati, Ohio, best friends Hugo Diaz and Amanda Walter begin a magical adventure when he promises her she can play in the trees with him, but she is in a wheelchair. 


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A woman of many talents

Life is full of so many options, who could choose just one?


​Missing People - Missing Things - Missing Links

A Novella by Virginia Nygard

Looking for mystery and romance? This book is for you.

Detective Carmella Callenda is getting nowhere with her case.

DeBary's Mayor Hanson and his wife are missing and the mysterious substance found in their bedroom is still unidentifiable.

Carmella’s guardian angel, Angelo, is on high alert. Later when she discovers Federal Agent Michael's deceased brother was named Angelo, the missing pieces begin to come together.